The Bigger Picture When Booking Any Entertainment Services

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The bigger picture when booking any

So what is the plan for unique entertainment

Our Customers Plan

The plan is the customers are given the right information when booking any .

I don’t believe filling out forms online to get quotes is the right way to do it. I believe any customer looking for entertainment or AV equipment including sound should be encouraged to talk directly to companies. I think filling out forms can make it complicated for both parties.  Customers will not understand what the entertainer can do or has or does not have. The entertainer will not understand what is required of them. So in my opinion these companies that sell leads do not help the industry for both the entertainers and the customers.


The Entertainers Plan

I’m using the word entertainer but this website is for the entertainment industry for suppliers and customers to communicate and get quotes the proper way.

I am also in the entertainment industry and get very frustrated with the websites where customers fill out an online form and every entertainer or service to the entertainment industry gets an email to quote on without the relative information.

As above in the customer’s section I believe that we should talk directly to the customers so we understand exactly what they want what they expect from us as event suppliers.

This can only be achieved if we stick together and make this website successful together. The success will depend on your participation. And your willingness to help me achieve the goal.


My Plan

The Bigger Picture When Booking Any ? As I said many times on this website I am in the entertainment industry myself. My company is doing very well because I am achieving the Google rankings. I only achieve it because my hobby is web design and web development. ( Please don’t ask me to do it for you). And for short while I was in internet services as a job. So financially I am quite happy carrying on running my Entertainment HIre Business. And maintaining this site as a hobby and hopefully on the way making new friends and acquaintances. The only revenue I am planning to make from this website is the odd Google ad click. I have no plans to charge anyone to list at present. Hopefully the coalition of all of us in the event and will make a difference to me as well. As this website will need to compete with the affiliated websites we all wish we wasn’t on.


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