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UK have been killing people for years – and we’ve been having fun doing it !
Our dark deeds have been seen by hundreds of people and we believe that our events offer the best value entertainment.

Although we are based in the south of England and generally work in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and Surrey, we can (and do) work all over the UK and beyond.

Our Dinners are great for and Team-building events, Private , Promotional events and Fund-raisers – in fact, anything where you want your guests to have the time of their lives (we promise not to “bump them off”).

Our interactive Murder Mystery events are based around a 3-course .  Guests are gathered for a fictional event – usually something like a reunion, party, product launch or any type of function that would attract a wide range of people – and during the course of the evening all manner of events happen, not to mention a murder or two!  Guests are encouraged to play along with the theme and become detective, interrogating the actors who play the main “suspects” to try and work out who had the means, motive and opportunity to commit the dastardly crimes.

 What better way to make a killing (!!!) – and all for a good cause. A Murder Mystery event is a novel way to raise that all important cash. Not only are they fun, but we can also adapt the event to suit your requirements and your budget.

So whether you are looking to fund a new Church roof, buy equipment for your child’s school, or simply raise as much money as possible for your favourite – take advantage of our complimentary planning service, and get that cash pouring in.

Each Murder Mystery has a ‘cast’ of professional actors. They eat along with the guests, and remain in “character” throughout. Of course, they will be available for questioning throughout the event and will respond to questioning or any other event that may occur as their “character” would do so. The plots are complex but fun, and all manner of secrets are revealed. However, there is only one solution – the clues are there, so persevere and interrogate those suspects for all you’re worth.

The evening is concluded with the guilty party being un-masked and the awarding of prizes to the super-sleuths.

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